#TypicalPinoyTeleserye: Top National Trend in the Philippines

For over 7 hours on March 19, 2012, #typicalpinoyteleserye topped Philippine Twitter Trends (1).

If I were to start this conversation on just how typical is typical pinoy teleserye, I really wouldn’t have anything new to say, nothing you haven’t heard before. But, that is what’s impressive. Trending at #1, it’s the most talked about subject in the country! There was never so much a debate as to whether or not pinoy teleseryes is typical; that’s the premise of the conversation,  a fact of life, so well understood it made the country want to list their biggest grievance. But, trust me. Im not here to rant on a culture I’m overly obsessed with.

Popular Tweets on #typicalpinoyteleserye

The Top Retweeted Tweets Out There/All +50

Before you beat yourself up, there’s no film industry that doesn’t resort to copying what has worked before. Hollywood tops the list. The Twilight saga. Vampire Diaries. True Blood. Teen Wolf. Need I really say more? And while Philipppine television is no beacon of originality, it could learn a thing or two from its own film market.

Philippine Film VS Philippine Television

In the last year, the Philippine film industry is raking in more box office hits in all its history. Not only did 2011 bring in the highest grossing films yet, a large number are hitting the 100 million peso mark. Now here’s the one thing you should take from this blog above all else: The unconventional films are becoming your biggest blockbusters. “No Other Woman” pushed the envelope on Philippine adult film (2). “Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin” made money-making history with gay themes and an unconventional cast (3). Even Indie film lead by “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” raked in more than anyone imagined (4). And in just the last month, “Unofficially Yours” proved people will pay more to see a “modern woman” than your typical “angelic damsel in distress.” (5)

The trend is all too obvious. It makes you wonder,”why wouldn’t a film market experiment all the time?” Films are among the biggest of financial gambles out there. In many cases, film-executives aren’t the most “artistically inclined”. When given the option to fund “a risk” or fund what has worked before, well, money is always a priority.


Again, there’s not always a lot I can say that hasn’t already been said:

For your own amusement, the PilipinoKuno confesses: Sometimes a campy melo-drama is all I’m in the mood for. Sometimes.

Art is courtesy of Deviant Art User Jhin22000 and is purchasable here . Thank you for the use!

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