ArtWalker Film Crew Behind-the-Making-of The Voyage

If you’ve been following my Twitter at all these last couple weeks, you know I am producing art for the upcoming film, The Voyage. You know I’m following ArtWalker’s film crew, one location after another. You know it’s been Hong Kong, Hanover, and Amsterdam this far. You know I’m loving every second of it! And, you even know that you don’t know what I will want you to know … soon.

Got it? Good!

I’ll eventually let you in, soon enough. For now, here’s the lovable Hong Kong-based Film Crew behind Artwalker Production!

Direk Scud is now on his fifth film, The Voyage. Just wrapping up filming, he’ll be switching gears soon for post-production.

Time To Meet the Crew

Irving Cheung (Art Director), Sebastian Castro (Artist), Scud (Director), Adrian (Actor)

Me Again, Charlie Lam (Director of Photography)

Andrew, Production Manager, When asked what's his job title, he'll rightfully respond, "Oh. I do everything."

Irving, Leni Speidel (Actress), Byron Pang (Actor), Ryo (Actor)

Hayz (Assistant Director)

Everybody Else

Just Because Kinda Pictures 

Sometimes we look serious

Other times, we don't look so serious.

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One Comment sa “ArtWalker Film Crew Behind-the-Making-of The Voyage”

  1. Frank
    Abril 23, 2012 Sa 20:56 #

    Thanks for sharing (: Frank

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