Amsterdam !! ! !!! !

Yes! It was my first time in Amsterdam. I was all wrapped up art-makin’, workin’ away for the upcoming film, The Voyage, that I rarely got a free minute to blog. But now that I’m chilling in Hong Kong with less workload, I’m typing away.

If only I had more free time, I’d do all the touristy things more, but no, there was work to be done. Truth be told, everyone in the film crew worked hard. If that were ever in doubt, a person only has to look below and laugh.

I didn’t exactly catch everyone’s “best angle”–let’s get real– I didn’t catch one person’s better angle. Not by a long shot. But, Direk Scud loved this shot and personally asked that I share. So, here. it. is.

“Photojournalistic”, much?

“Art imitates life” a touch?

Amsterdam in Song-ography

So while I was playing with the pictures, I ended up humming a little melody.

I give you. Amsterdam in song, photography, and song-ography!

I swear. I spoil you sometimes. 😉

It was about that time everyone was snoring..

I thought, Yo! This city's worth exploring!

And I was right. Nothing's boring.

There's boats..canals..a killer sky

not like I'd know, but they say this is what things look like when "high."

We peek into a coffee shop, where those 420 dudes always stop.

Before crossing the street, 'ya better look left and right

Soon enough we had our own bikes.

Soon as we get to New Market Square, we take life a little slower

Dee-dee dah-dah Da! Dah!

Haha-haha- Haaaaa! ha!

We look up high.

We look down low. graffiti..

.. at bike win-dows..

.. and everything between all of those.

From one large crowd.. a-not-so-loud..

Toro Dorado! Best steak house in town!!

I'm not gonna lie--I just had, one-hell-of-a-steak.

by the time we leave it's already 8..

the scantily clad will be up til late.

now back at New Market Square and that is where.. old couple dances, I can't help but stare..

..Amsterdam! You're something of a magical, love affair.

Sebastian Castro©

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