[Just Updated on Friday, May 25, 2012]

My Big Announcement is …

In a nut shell: I have not just been making art for The Voyage (2012), I am acting in it as well.

For months, I led just about everyone in my life to believe I was only producing art for the film. Nope. I was not flown around the world just to paint. For once in my life, my wild travels actually had a purpose. And, that purpose is my first movie role.

This was a hell of an experience! All-around memorable. Humbling. I am very proud to have contributed my small piece to this film.

My Role

The Voyage (2012) is really four stories in one. Of those four, the story of Leni Speidel and I centers on a love affair gone wrong, so wrong I eventually kill myself.

But, I’m going to cut myself short. I have to save some good stuff for later. After all, you have to wait several months before even getting to the trailer, di ba? Our first press release: 

Question: Am I an Artist or an Actor?

I have always introduced myself as an artist, and I always will. Why?

I don’t think I would have gotten away with half the shizz I have in life, were I not calling myself an artist. You can just about get away with anything. Think of all the possibilities, all those questions you can now answer. Did Sebastian really just eat that? Is he on something? Is the guy skinny-dipping?! Why does he look like that? Oh my Gulay?!? Look at how much easier the conversation suddenly looks!

“Are you sure Sebastian isn’t completely baliw? ”

“Hindi! He’s just an artist. Ganyan na lang sya.”

“Oh. (Pause)  Sige- sige.”

So now that you know I’m trying to justify my lack of sanity, it’s extra important you remember your line. “Oh, he’s just an artist. Wag kang mag-alala.” Wink-wink. 😉

Answer: I’m An Artist & Performing Artist Maybe

I did not wake up yesterday and decide to become an actor. That would be nice. I’ve spent most of my waking life training to become the most universal performer humanly possible. Training to sing, dance, and act wasn’t enough. I have that language learning obsession as well. You see, I have the crazy idea of taking on acting roles in different languages. I can’t think of anything more absolutely challenging than convincing audiences on the opposite side of the world I could pass for a local. I love the idea so much I’m willing to invest years of my life to make it happen. Dear Philippines, sa tingin nyo kaya ko kaya? Kung alam nyo lang, most aspiring actors can be found wading tables all over Hollywood. Totoo yun.

Instead I’ve been at one casting after another, one audition after another, all in more than half a dozen different cities, different film markets, completely different countries, all over the course of years. I don’t plan on stopping now. I’ll forever be a kid with a crayon chasing his dreams. You’re always welcome to watch, point, and laugh! 😉

I asked what you thought I should call you. Because I love you, I decided you should decide. And your answer was: Sebsters !!

Thank you for having my back. You always have my love.

A Few Camera-Stills For Now

It’s not every day I get to swim in a fountain, fall in love, and kill myself–and in Hanover, Germany no less. Enjoy the snapshots! 😉 More to come, as always.

Resting in-between takes

I die. Eventually.

Green screen shots before their composite

I’m trying to follow directions. Looks funny doesn’t it?

This thing hurt like so many potty-mouth words my mom told me never to use.

Leni Speidel

The Artist. Me.

Laughter on set.


He’s fixing that tie I don’t have on.

Brr-rr-rr! It’s cold!

After shooting my very last shot of the day, I finally get out of the wires. Can you tell how happy I am?

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  1. Mayo 2, 2012 Sa 01:49 #

    Im so proud of you!I wish i can watch that movie! **Cheers** keep up the good work my friend 🙂

  2. Mayo 2, 2012 Sa 06:41 #

    sebastian! I can’t believe it! your an actor!! >:) i love you! hahaha

  3. janny medina
    Mayo 2, 2012 Sa 06:46 #

    wow.. good for u basti 🙂 hope to see u again..

    • Frank
      Mayo 2, 2012 Sa 19:50 #

      Good For You Sebastian…

  4. Mayo 2, 2012 Sa 06:59 #

    Thanks peeps off sa gym na.. tapos.. A lady gaga concert hopefully !!!! fingers crossed.. Sebastian the magician needs to make tickets magically appear out of nowhere.. hahahaha 🙂

    • edwin garcia
      Mayo 17, 2012 Sa 10:45 #

      what is the title of your movie…thanks

    • Nathan Barrios
      Mayo 26, 2012 Sa 06:54 #

      Good luck to you 🙂

    • Mayo 10, 2013 Sa 14:06 #

      #MrBubblesOnGGV kelan kaya yun?? sana ma meet mo si Vice Ganda at pasayawin mo #Bubble #GGV #WishUponAHorse

  5. xandrae nurnberg
    Mayo 5, 2012 Sa 11:29 #

    bagay na bagay sayo maging artista and I hope it will be succesfull!!!!!congratzzZZzz :)))

  6. jullian
    Hunyo 25, 2012 Sa 07:42 #

    🙂 🙂

  7. Nobyembre 10, 2012 Sa 23:03 #

    Reblogged this on litodellamas12 and commented:
    gfo kua..

  8. Nobyembre 12, 2012 Sa 20:38 #

    kua where can i watch ur movie?

  9. chrisdavetan
    Marso 1, 2013 Sa 08:51 #

    where can i watch the movie Sebby?

  10. Marso 4, 2013 Sa 05:48 #

    hi seb, i am excited to see this movie. and i really ike your art. #IamYourBUBBLE! 🙂

  11. Francis Ian
    Marso 15, 2013 Sa 11:48 #

    I want to watch this! Where could I watch this?

  12. JERIC
    Marso 22, 2013 Sa 15:43 #


  13. Abril 13, 2013 Sa 12:45 #

    Have anything else more distinct??? In particular,
    experiences or perhaps material related to movies coming soon.
    Could I sign up for your articles?!

  14. Mayo 10, 2013 Sa 13:58 #

    Im being Proud of what you have it!!
    I Love you IDOL…. Go Sebsters and Team Sebs… GoodLuck!!! 🙂 mwah mwah!!! tsup tsup!!

  15. jacinth1215
    Hunyo 3, 2013 Sa 03:29 #

    Update more.. So excited to see the movie

  16. jacinth1215
    Hunyo 3, 2013 Sa 03:29 #

    Reblogged this on Commoner's Rumors and commented:
    Super cool

  17. Hulyo 20, 2013 Sa 09:00 #

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  18. Agosto 7, 2013 Sa 01:58 #

    miu miu 店

  19. Setyembre 12, 2013 Sa 16:16 #

    I would like to see your movie! Good Luck!

  20. Pebrero 27, 2014 Sa 15:28 #

    Great publications and style of posting. There’s no doubt that I’ll
    check back on this website later and discover just what else you’ll have in store!
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