Anne Curtis Lands First Hollywood Film?

No doubt about it, Anne Curtis’ is on fire. Just last month, Anne had the privilege of donning Francis Libiran pieces for America’s Next Top Model. America’s Next Top Model, otherwise known as one of the most broadcasted fashion/modeling TV series in existence with a presence in not only the US but in over 170 countries/regions.

In Francis’ own words, “I picked Anne for this photo shoot; because for me, she represents the perfect Filipina.” Amen.

Before we talk more of Anne in Hollywood, let’s pay a little Anne and Francis tribute. After all, they’ve both already made a Hollywood splash. A quick walk down memory lane:

Hollywood Film for Anne?

Now, it looks like Anne is on to more in the international arena, like say a “full-length role” in a Hollywood film. At least, that’s what Ogie Diaz had to say on Twitter. The exact conversation:

Whether Ogies’ source is valid or not, his words became the talk of twitter and caught the eyes of more than one news source.

ABS-CBN News have echoed some speculation themselves, acknowledging it isn’t more than just that. Yet!

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see before we know anything for sure.

Anne Promises to Return

Anne made news of her departure via Show Time. As soon as she told us she was leaving, she made sure we knew she was coming back. As ABS had to say,

“I was so emotional because I made a special announcement that I will be leaving for a month. Kaya ako naiyak kasi super effort sila, may pa-fiesta pa, send-off party, so nakakatuwa,” Curtis said.

“It’s something to do with pursuing my dream. It’s a new chapter in my life, something that’s challenging. I just really, really want to do it,” she added.

Meanwhile, Curtis assured her fans that she will come back soon.

“Babalik ako, may teleserye pa akong tatapusin, may pelikula pa akong tatapusin. I really have to come back, may contrata ako so kailangan kong bumalik,” she said.

One things for sure, she won’t leave her fans hanging.

Literally only a couple hours before I published this blog, Filipino Blogger Bryan Boy was announced the next season judge of America’s Next Top Model. Once again, Filipinos make an international splash for Fashion. 

[Read the latest on Bryan Boy for ANTM by clicking here. ]

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