Indonesia Denies Lady Gaga Concert

As of 9 hours ago from posting, Lady Gaga just publicly confirmed via Twitter, her concert set for Indonesia has been canceled. Her unfortunate tweets:

Gaga’s Indonesian Promoters Big Daddy Entertainment made a longer statement on their site, citing “security reasons” for their cancellation and promising full refunds.

Lady Gaga’s Opposition

Like in most of the Asian continent, Lady Gaga comes with very divided public opinion. On one hand, her opposition came in numbers. Indonesia holds the largest population of Muslims in the world, by a good percentage. Lady Gaga upset a range of different religious institutions. Among all the criticism, the Islamic People’s Forum (FUI) and the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) echoed a condemnation made by many, claiming Gaga supports “pornography” and “satanic values.”

Those Defending “Mother Monster”

But on the other hand, Indonesia’ new sources fire up their own uproar. The Jakarata Post made many critical statements of their government, starting with the title of their article “Gaga Cancellation Reflects Weak Government”. They very well argue how this concert cancellations says less about Lady Gaga and more of Indonesia’s intolerant government, elaborating,

The decision by Lady Gaga’s management to cancel her planned June 3 concert reflects a government that is weak in the face of intolerant political groups, according to human rights watchdog group the Setara Institute.

“The authority of the state should have led to freedom of expression and guaranteed security. These are rights guaranteed in our constitution and in our laws,” Setara Institute chairman Hendardi said on Sunday.

Lady Gaga =Tourism

Whether you love or hate, Lady Gaga, there is no denying she stood to offer Indonesia something other than simply music—12,000 foreign tourists to spike Jakarta’s tourism.

Ministry data shows that these ticket-holding fans were coming from Australia, the Philippines and other ASEAN and Middle Eastern countries; That’s not even including her Indonesian fans coming from outside Jakarta.

These fans, on top of ticket sales, would have generated booked rooms in three- and four-star hotels in Jakarta. With a short notice cancellation of only  7 days, could she have already contributed something to Indonesia’s economy without even having shown up? Although disappointed, Gaga fans come in as many numbers as Gaga’s haters.

Consider The Total Number of Sold-Out Tickets: 52,000 tickets, with prices ranging from Rp 465,000 (US$50.75) to Rp 2.25 million, have already been sold since tickets sales opened on March 10.

Why Cancel?

Lady Gaga had made the occasional promise to do what it took so that show would go on. Just last week, Lady gaga responded to Indonesian authorities’ demands of censoring her show, by publicly stating she was “considering ditching her backup dancers and performing the concert solo in Jakarta.” If the Indonesian government hadn’t publicly denied Gaga’s concert, why was it ultimately canceled.

Big Daddy Entertainment explained it wasn’t just for “the pop star’s safety, but for the 52,000 fans who had bought tickets.” They felt groups could act violently not only to Gaga but Gaga’s fans.

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One Comment sa “Indonesia Denies Lady Gaga Concert”

  1. 3rdalstroemeria
    Mayo 30, 2012 Sa 09:57 #

    I am aware that muslims are highly conservative when it comes to their views, clothes, etc. But forcing Lady Gaga to cancel the show? Uhm. That’s too much. If they don’t like Lady Gaga, then it’s their option not to attend the show. And I’m really surprised with the first photo “Go to Hell Lady Gaga”. Who gave them the right to condemn a person? As Jesus put it, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. Good thing her concert in Manila was successful, and I was there! 🙂

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