Jessica Sanchez’ Number One Fan Goes Youtube Viral

Many of us may have mourned the loss of Jessica Sanchez on American Idol’s last season, but few us may be able to compete with Laney, one down-right distraught little child.

It turns out Laney, possibly Jessica Sanchez’ biggest fan of all time, had a breakdown and an American mom that couldn’t help but videotape the entire thing. Cute stuff.

Day 2 = +600,000 Hits!

Day 3 = +1.3 Million Hits!

Youtube sensation, much?

Little Laney has already caught the twitter eyes of Youtube’s Official account, Philippine Anchorman Julius Babao, and of other Pinoy  Celebs/Personalities you may know, all of whom are of course hardcore Jay Team.

Mara Clara Reaction: How It Affects My Sister

This wouldn’t be the first time a little girl cried her eyes over the TV. One little Filipina had a similar story, with similar results—a  super viral vid.

The magic of film!

Comments! Cute? Crazy? Have you seen anyone else in the blogosphere with more fandom than Laney? How would you have kept your little sister from hyper-ventilating to death? 

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