BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT + Snapshot of the Day


I haven’t said this sooner only because I didn’t want to make a promise I couldn’t keep. I tend to keep the direction of my life random, much like the direction of my art and the direction I travel. So this was not a promise I’m making easily but I do promise it all the same.

Being of sound mind and body, I, Sebastian Castro, hereby promise to release some of my random on this here PilipinoKuno blog every single day. Tignan mo. It’s official. Nagpapromise kita:

I promise you at least something new, every single day. Whether I’m at home, Manila, Tokyo, South America or sleeping in the corner of some airport parang homeless guy ulit. I’ll give you something, even if that something is a snapshot of me snoozing in an airport.

NOTE: My promise has an expiration date. 30 Days. Which means on June 27th, I’ll be partying. 😀

Camera Still from The Voyage

Drawing Leni. One of my favorite scenes. Of course, the art I’m drawing is my own.

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3 mga puna sa “BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT + Snapshot of the Day”

  1. jullian
    Mayo 28, 2012 Sa 02:06 #

    ang hot nyan basti 🙂 tc

  2. Hunyo 2, 2012 Sa 05:51 #

    basti is art itself.

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