Angeline Quinto Trends Worldwide & Every Direction

Between trending Worldwide on Twitter yesterday and the release of her much-anticipated film just today, Angeline Quinto has been a-buzzing.

Trending World Wide

Angeline Quinto, alongside Jed Madela, Christian Bautista and Juris Fernandez sang multiple televised songs that Jessica Sanchez had performed on “Idol. This ASAP’s 2012 Variety Show was a tribute to Jessica Sanchez, who of course made it as far as Top 2 of “American Idol’s recently concluded season.

There’s no doubt, Angeline Quinto shares the “Jay team” fandom. Though, some posed doubts on her performance. ABS-CBN themselves, published their own article on Angeline Quinto with the given title, “Angeline gets mixed reviews for ‘And I Am Telling You.” Starmometer seemed to echo the confusion most people shared,

Angeline’s rendition was “all over the place.” We expect her to kill it, knowing her vocal prowess and all, but instead she “murdered” the song. Is it a case of lack of rehearsal?

Whatever the reason for a lackluster performance, Angeline Quinto wouldn’t have much to worry about. When it comes to vocals, Angeline Quinto still carries some of the highest regarded in the country. Angeline Quinto Tweets-of-The-Moment:

Angeline’s Film “Born To Love You” Opens Today

Just today, May 30, 2012, Star Magic Entertainment’s Born To Love You (2012) is released across theaters nationwide.

The Coco-Angeline match-up makes for an interesting combination, especially if you believe “opposites attract.” While this maybe the first on-screen appearance of Angeline on this level, Coco Martin has over 20 indie films to his credit. Some say the two practically balance for each other–one is all singing prowess; the other all acting. Opposites attract, much?

Watch “Born To Love You” just opened in theaters across the country today, May 30, 2012!

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