Tam Airlines Flat-Out Ignores Model Alex Hidalgo

Please read this one blog through, the same way you’d listen through all a troubled friend had to say. The more I talked to Alex, the closer to home everything kept sounding. Ultimately you can help out more than you think.

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Many of you might sooner remember Alex’s face from any one of his many modeling campaigns–Smart’s Superhero TVC, Boracay Rum, C2 Green Tea, HSBC Bank, Whisper, or the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. I remember Alex, as “that dude” I would often practice my Spanish with while waiting at VTRs/castings,” more of a “hey what’s new in your life kinda” friend. Though he’s not Filipino-blooded much like I’m not myself, Alex rocked many Filipino modeling campaigns. No doubt, he’s a grateful guy. But after a year and a half of project/modeling gigs since he first left Costa Rica, he doesn’t have a lot to show for it.

Tam Airlines managed to lose all his luggage, and after an entire month of waiting on an unresponsive customer service, they’re only making him the smallest of concessions.

Interviews in Costa Rica

Tam Airlines “Reaction” to Alex

Alex departed Manila on April 21, 2012. He headed briefly for Brazil and afterward homebound for Costa Rica. Upon arriving home, he was told his luggage was mysteriously lost sometime in a Hong Kong connecting flight.

Since then, a month and a week have passed. Every passing day, he’s made phone calls to Tam Airlines, and he’s just not getting the response anyone would hope for.

The second I heard Alex’s story, it brought me back to an eerily familiar story of my own. It may not be the most shared experience in the world, but there is a lot one can lose in a luggage. And, Tam Airlines has made a reputation of it. If you google those three words “Tam-Airlines-Reputation”, the first most-frequented site you see gives 2 of 5 stars to Tam’s Customers’ Service.

Luggages before they were stolen

Lets Get Alex Trending

Admittedly, Alex Hidalgo is not Pinoy, neither am I, nor this blog. After all, I titled it “Pilipino Kuno”, di ba? 😉

All the same, this one Costa Rican has basically made PH a home and has lately lost about all he gained from his time in the Philippines. He’s frustrated, unable to get Tam Airlines to budge, and exhausted from having tried. He’s lost a year and a half worth of contents in his life and a scary fraction of his finances.

So, why not trend Alex? Help out that guy you remember from that one TVC/billboard. Or, help out someone’s friend. Might as well try. Just give it everything you got! Give him all of at least three tweets. What to say and when to do it is sitting below.

Anyone tempted to make a twitter shout out now? You’ll make Alex heard most if what you say is #MakeTamAirlinesHelpAlex and you say it on Friday @ 6pm. Deal? 😉

Trend:   #MakeTamAirlinesHelpAlex

Time:     Friday, June 1st @ 6pm (Manila Time)

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