Cause Cart: The Revolution of Charity

Imagine donating money that isn’t yours to any charity of your choice? Sounding too good to be true? This is essentially the end game of Cause Cart, the recent start up of entrepreneur Michael Geer.

What is Cause Cart?

Cause cart is just a tool that would help assist e-commerce websites to donate a portion of every user’s online purchases to charity. So, where’s the money coming from? In Geer’s own own words,

“The money we’re actually raising, the money that goes out, is driven by the energy that’s already there,” Geer adds. “The actual money is coming from the marketing expense of the online shop.”

Ultimately, a chart gets micro funded with no additional cost to the buyer. As of now, purchases comparable to $20USD can expect 5% to be donated. With the numbers of online purchases made on sites such as Amazon every second of every day, we’re talking big bucks.

Why Does It Work?

Currently, charity has a very rigid sort-of structure. Most Americans make once a year lump-sum donations, if even that. Cause cart wants to revolutionize the very way we approach donations, from something infrequent to something more at the forefront of our attention. The basic idea: If you donate money on a regular basis and you are given the option as to whose the receiving charity, you give more thought to all causes. And of course the most immediate, absolutely beautiful outcome here is–more money is going to these causes.

Cause Cart’s Interface

How Can You “Cause Cart”?

The process itself is easy. Cause Cart users simply log into CauseCart’s website before making purchases (Link Available Here). As of now, they’re required to use only Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser. From there, they just shop the way they normally do. Check out the look and feel of Cause Cart’s interface above.

Mashable elaborates about their more formal launch in the months to come,

CauseCart is preparing for a soft-launch in June with its Chrome extension, with a bigger push and a Firefox option in the near future.

Bottomline: Remember the name Cause Cart. It may make a bigger splash in the month to come.  And if you’re an online shopper, remember to give something. After all, what you’re giving is no longer you’re own. Walang excuses. 😉

Comments, Thoughts, Hallucinations? Feel free to share any of your random in the Comment Box Below. And, Here’s a Cheers to Michael Geers! ◄ His Twitter Here.◄ 

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3 mga puna sa “Cause Cart: The Revolution of Charity”

  1. Mayo 31, 2012 Sa 08:18 #

    It’s really great because Cause Cart is a Chrome extension and Firefox add-on that works with ecommerce websites to donate a portion of every user’s online purchases to charity. I think we should do charity because it’s a noble cause that’s why we Donate money to charity.

  2. Hunyo 1, 2012 Sa 21:44 #

    Does anyone know how charities can get involved with this and make their charity availiable to donations?

    • Hunyo 2, 2012 Sa 02:19 #

      Well there is a contact link at the very bottom of their main page. This is the link. I can’t think of a better means to approach them. I’d expect them to at least help you get a better idea of their process/timetable on such>>>

      Best of luck!!

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