Everything You Know Just Became A Keyboard

Imagine having your cat, banana, or randomness used as a computer keyboard. That is the concept behind the Makey Makey trend of two MIT students.

I’m not going to lie. There is something infinitely cool about watching someone make music out of a banana! In the spirit of thinking outside the box–the same notion these MIT students seem to be pushing—what more potential does Makey Makey have, other than making these two MIT students very rich?

I came to thinking of the same group twitter user @palmhalmi had in mind:

The possiblities are endless, especially for anyone with major physical challenges. MaKey MaKey: youtu.be/rfQqh7iCcOU via@YouTube

Youtube sensation singers like Amanda Palmer and several online platforms/blogs are already jumping on board. Check out some tweetsters!

“Makey Makey” has definitely made some international twitter buzz. Click here to see more of the top “Makey Makey” Tweets buzzing around. You’ll notice a random large population of Japanese tweetsters going “Makey Makey.” That doesn’t necessarily surprise me as much as the fact they didn’t invent the thing. It seems Americans got something right. 😉

Disclaimer: I don’t have the slightest clue what the Japanese tweet above says. If I just tweeted something completely whack, my bad.  Just ignore. Go Makey-Makey!

Comments? Suggestions? Hallucinations? Leave anything you want below! 

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