TV-5 & GMA Merger: Fact vs Fiction

A few hours ago, a report by seasoned columnist Ricky Lo of the Philippine Star supposedly ‘confimed’ the merging of GMA and TV5. Many questions followed.

At second glance, Rick Lo’s diction only suggests a ‘merge’ confirmation, if even that. The article was just a validation that TV5 is making a big leap in terms of capturing the lucrative OFW market–very much like ABS CBN’s TFC and GMA’s Pinoy TV. A celebrity tweet or two:

Plot Twist

But wait! There’s more. If we were watching a teleserye, may plot twist dito. As soon as the article went out a screen capture of MVP’s text denying such circulated on twitter.

MVP has hinted multiple times that he is open to the possibility of a merge. Might this back and forth banter be MVP’s way of testing the waters? Before investing P6Billion, might a businessman want to know how his market feels about the whole “shabang”?

MVP is no newbie to mergers. Not to long ago, he recently added SMART- SUN to an already lengthy list of mergers. Many might argue, mergers are what MVP does best.

David & Goliath

But, there is something unique about the holy union of TV5 and GMA, primarily the fact that Manny’s current player is smaller than the player he seeks to purchase. For the first time, David is taking on Goliath. Note: 9 times out of 10, the company purchasing the other is the bigger of the two, case-in-point Facebook and Instagram. The larger Facebook buys out the smaller Instagram all the time. But, MVP has the country wondering if the smaller TV5 has what it takes to buy out the larger GMA.

What are the merger’s repercussions? How would ABS-CBN respond? Who are you going to be watching? Who just gave you your own voting poll? Out of all those questions, I unfortunately only have an answer to the last one. Answer: Sebastian! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, he gave you your very own Comment box too! So, feel free to share why you’re Kapuso, Kapamilya, or Ka-puso^2.5?

Whose on Top?

TV is a lucrative business in the Philippines, one of the biggest. Challenging the status quo may be worth anyone’s while, well, anyone with P6 Billion lying around. If anyone could pull it off, it’s MVP.

At the end of the day, the top network requires a few simple things: innovative programming, great writers, long-lasting stars, and luck. Up to this day, ABS-CBN is arguably the best in all three conditions. But, TV5 has already demonstrated it’s willing to invest on every account. Doubters only need remember the price tag they paid for Derek Ramsey. Have an opinion? Share if you care!

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2 mga puna sa “TV-5 & GMA Merger: Fact vs Fiction”

  1. Hunyo 4, 2012 Sa 11:17 #

    I’m a true-blooded Kapamilya kaya ABS-CBN pa rin! Hahaha. By the way, I’m an avid follower of your blog. XD

    • Hunyo 4, 2012 Sa 19:01 #

      well thank you for that! I’ve liked the kapuso stars I had a chance to meet so far.. =D see ya soon

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