Pilipino Kuno 2.0

As you might have noticed, I’ve been changing up my profile pics and background images on my social media–Facebook, twitter, and PilipinoKuno included. I’ve changed this background to something more in tune with my film project, The Voyage (2012). Here are snapshots.

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Twitter’s Background Images

New Facebook Profile Pic

Still, I’m not 100% sure this “Pilipino Kuno” background is what I’m looking for. I may have just become so used to my last one; I might just switch it back. Either way, you decide, vote, and I’ll just sleep on it. Which background do you prefer? The last one or this one?

Whether or not I keep this background for Pilipino Kuno, I have officially changed the background of my twitter page with the same concept. You can check it out here.

Send me your votes in the comment box below. Gnite tweeps, facebookers, and all PilipinoKuno readers! Ingat!

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2 mga puna sa “Pilipino Kuno 2.0”

  1. Hunyo 5, 2012 Sa 11:40 #

    the last one…

    • Hunyo 5, 2012 Sa 11:48 #

      i’m going to snooze now.. keep posting peeps.. I think the last one was less distracting in general.. Gnite!!

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