OFFICIAL: Anne Curtis In Hollywood Film Titled “Blood Ransom”

Finally, it is official as it’s ever going to be! Anne Curtis landed a Hollywood film with the current working title, “Blood Ransom.” Production is in the works! The details, the fact vs fiction, and the hype are all below.

Quick Recap

On May 23, she announced her departure out the country and bid all Show Time viewers goodbye. With all the optimism in the world, she hinted good projects were in store!

Just two weeks ago, Ogie Diaz broke the news early. His tweets read:

Truth: 1 month mawawala sa bansa si Anne Curtis dahil naka-cast sya sa isang Hollywood film. Full length ang role…Truth: naghahanap ng isang Pinay ang isang sikat na Hollywood casting director at si Anne Curtis ang napili. Excited si Anne.

Twitter buzzed and Anne Curtis denied Ogie’s statement, saying, “Mali po kayo.” It turns out Ogie Diaz was correct on both fronts. So is Anne the liar? Anne, being Anne, had this to say.

Word!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ More twitter buzz:

Facts VS Fiction

1) The first tweet Anne sent out to announce her film

2) These are the only images Anne has retweeted so far

ย ย 

3) The film is not a film adaptation ofย Sophie McKenzie’s novel of the same title.ย 

4) She is not the only Filipino(a) in the film. There is more. The official list of the entire cast is right here (Click for Link).

I am the happiest pickle in the world. Go Anne!

Note: This story just broke out less than an hour since Anne’s announcement. Details are still fresh. Come back for live updates! Comments below, peeps! ๐Ÿ˜‰

For More Anne Curtis By Pilipino Kuno Click Hereย 

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18 mga puna sa “OFFICIAL: Anne Curtis In Hollywood Film Titled “Blood Ransom””

  1. Marga
    Hunyo 6, 2012 Sa 09:43 #

    I’m eggzzzoooooooooiiiteeeeeed! Go Anne! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hunyo 6, 2012 Sa 09:46 #

    CONGRATS ANNE! GOSH! Not surprising! No one can be compared to your beauty =) Go for the Gold =)

  3. Jai
    Hunyo 6, 2012 Sa 10:46 #

    unknowns ang co-stars… mehhh

  4. Hunyo 6, 2012 Sa 12:24 #

    whoopieyaaaaah!!… cnu kaya kasama ni Anne??

  5. Hunyo 6, 2012 Sa 14:12 #

    hooooo maaaaay geeeeeeed…. zoooooobrang nakaka LOKAH! hindi ako halatang super happy at EXCITED for that movie for #annecurtissmith go for gold anne…. your the best!

  6. Hunyo 6, 2012 Sa 14:24 #

    two thumbs up ๐Ÿ™‚ Goodluck and Godbless!

  7. Hunyo 6, 2012 Sa 15:53 #


  8. DOT
    Hunyo 7, 2012 Sa 08:22 #

    Hindi naman siya PURE Pinay.

  9. mar
    Hunyo 7, 2012 Sa 10:23 #

    idol talaga kita anne..ilab u

  10. preciouslara
    Hunyo 7, 2012 Sa 14:52 #

    Love you iDol โ™ฅ

  11. ritchyl
    Hunyo 8, 2012 Sa 07:15 #

    for me anne curtis deserve it ,,kc isa cia sa magagaling na artist ,,so go anne at gudlock ,hpefuly mag patuloy ung mga projects mo sa hollywood

  12. aj
    Hunyo 21, 2012 Sa 04:32 #


  13. Hunyo 21, 2012 Sa 04:43 #

    anne official twet account mo ba to

  14. mark ferdy
    Hunyo 25, 2012 Sa 14:40 #

    go ate anne we support u n we luv u…. kya m yan big brake yan a gods opportunity…. grab it…

  15. Hunyo 28, 2012 Sa 02:01 #

    whaha…ikw n tlga ate anne….go go go…..

  16. Nobyembre 21, 2012 Sa 08:44 #


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