Obama = Celebrity Endorsements

Barack Obama has always been honest about his “hope” for celebrity endorsements. As early as January, the list of his hopeful celebrity endorsements was “leaked.” Though, more than one news source speculated even that was a calculated maneuver. The list targeted Hollywood stars, professional athletes and Washington power players, all totaling 194 names 7 pages-long.

I don’t have much respect for celebrity endorsements for politicians. It’s an unfortunate play on democracy. (Read More About Celebrity Endorsement in The Philippines Here). When a celebrity sells a politician to you, keep a few things in mind.

The Obama-Hollywood Celebrity Endorsement Rundown

Clooney and Obama Press Conference

Last month, George Clooney hosted a celebrity-packed fundraiser for Obama. Between  $40,000 tickets and a raffle open to the public, over $15 million was raised. Numerous celebrities attended the fundraiser, including Robert Downey, Jr. and Billy Crystal.

As of lately, Obama’s shifted his attention to women. He’s sought the attention of Sex & The City star-Sarah Jessica Parker and the editor of Vogue herself, Anna Wintours. It’s hard to ignore this unlikely team-up. It seems Obama’s tapping into the world of forward-thinking woman and the fashion world, all in one SJP “dinner party.”

All things considered, neither of these two seems to be selling Obama too pointedly, which is good. Then again, they don’t look like they’re about to start up a worthwhile conversation, either. SJP comes across more on the selling side. I personally prefer Anna Wintour’s approach. Rather than sell, she barks out a “you tell me why you like the guy.” Then again, maybe, that’s just the fashion queen’s personality.

What do you think about these two? What do you think of Philippine celebrity endorsements? Comments Below peeps!

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