AMPHETAMINE 安非他命 Hong Kong Movie Part 2. “My PASSION is ONLY to make the FILMS that I really WANT to make.” – SCUD.

I found this article on Director SCUD, the SAME DIRECTOR OF MY FIRST FILM. You can read more here about his third film Amphetamines. I am so very proud to contribute my work to his 5th film The Voyage, currently in Post-production. This earlier film of his, Amphetamines, was one of him most internationally renowned films, nominated for even a Teddy by Berlin. Enjoy.


SCUD – Writer/Producer/Director of AMPHETAMINE

LAWRENCE LAU – Executive Director


SCUD could be the kind of director whose works would be as profound and enduring as that of surrealism, or cubism on painting.

Or at least, this is how I feel.

He aspires for creative freedom fearlessly, without sanctions,

and he pursues his artistic vision with a relentless fervor.

“My MISSION is ONLY to make the FILMS that I really want to make, and to tell the kind of stories I want to tell, no less.”

Here’s SCUD – up, close and personal:

1.  In working on a sensitivity-laced film such as AMPHETAMINE, you do know that you are treading on an almost taboo subject in ASIA.  No film maker wants to be seen as if he is promoting drugs in a movie, right?

It is a question of value. Precisely because nobody…

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4 mga puna sa “AMPHETAMINE 安非他命 Hong Kong Movie Part 2. “My PASSION is ONLY to make the FILMS that I really WANT to make.” – SCUD.”

  1. Stanley
    Hulyo 21, 2012 Sa 19:51 #

    By the way who is the actor? Is it category 3 or 4 or 5? When will it going to released? I would suggest why not make a category 4 movie?

  2. Hulyo 31, 2012 Sa 16:21 #

    So you know this film din pala! I have watched this too, and I liked it. Hahaha! Alam na!

    • Agosto 31, 2012 Sa 06:23 #

      I will be in The Voyage. 🙂 I will be in a movie by this same director.

  3. Hulyo 31, 2012 Sa 16:32 #

    this movie is part of a trilogy movie. first #permanent residence next is #amphetamine and last is #the life of an artist. not yet made. 😦 a very good movie.

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