About Me

The Artist Site & Blog of Sebastian Castro

Welcome!  Bienvenido!  Mabuhay!

Here you’ll find my art and all that inspires it—people I know, places I go, film of every place and time, showbiz culture, anything unfamiliar, and–yes–everything Filipino.

I am primarily a portrait artist working in pastel, and I have been working in the medium for many years now. But two dimensions aren’t anywhere near enough. You’ll find me jump from one creative outlet to another.

YouTube will be one.



 I am one nomadic bohemian of an artist. Within the last couple years, I have lived in Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, LA, Manila, Hong Kong, India, Mexico. For a 22-year originating from modest means, that is a point of pride.

Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God – Kurt Vonnegut

I did however find a home where I wasn’t expecting it, the Philippines.

I do what I love.  People have loved what I do and enough so to afford the next plane ticket. I consider that an incredible blessing. And, I am happy to share it alongside more of my vagabond self.

Thank you,


70 mga puna sa “About Me”

  1. Darius Barbasa
    Pebrero 22, 2012 Sa 18:23 #

    Hey Baste the Great!
    My ardent and sincere thanks for personally inviting me to view and navigate your website!
    What amazes me is that it contains a lot of facets and info about you and perhaps some others, yet the totality is very user-friendly! Simple but very rich! Did you do the website yourself? Cara Mia…

    • Pebrero 22, 2012 Sa 18:43 #

      The basic header/column structure is of wordpress, but I’ve worked on some of the layout and all of the graphics, mostly via a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator..

      At the moment, I’m not working with any one post-to-post. It’s just me, typing away in whatever coffee shop I happen to be in. Thanks for the support Darius. Your story is all inspiration for me ! And sometimes, I need that. 🙂

      • christian
        Pebrero 20, 2013 Sa 16:54 #

        hi seb, sayang wala ako sa pinas, im sure if im in the phils, im going to be ur # 1 fan

  2. Grace
    Marso 7, 2012 Sa 01:54 #

    nice blog!

  3. Marso 12, 2012 Sa 07:30 #

    Support me pls”…thank you guys

  4. Marso 12, 2012 Sa 07:35 #

    I love you kris..here is my numbers,txt me pls miss kris…..Pangrap ko makita ka ng personal,sana matupad yon…thank you…take care always…god bless you….

  5. Marso 17, 2012 Sa 06:08 #

    Can you post something about your life in India? Or how do you think a Filipino would react if he goes to India … that would be a fun entry!

    I plan to go there late this year 🙂

    • Mayo 25, 2012 Sa 22:15 #

      You know. I was still a teenager, a kid really, when I first landed in India. It was my first time out of the country. I was no where near prepared for what was coming. Before I knew it, India became less an “adventure” and more a survival game.

      I made just about every travel mistake imaginable. Wild memories, but unfortunately some of the worst ones. I’m not so sure I’ll be opening up about that one yet. I spent all of those two weeks either mesmerized or horrified, with not much balance in-between. LOL

      No regrets, di ba? Bitter sweet! Do I want to open up about that one? eh, I’ll think about it.

      • Treng
        Oktubre 19, 2013 Sa 03:08 #

        i want to be like you sebastian. im only 15 years old. i admire how you dealt with the struggles of your life and continued to be your self

      • Oktubre 19, 2013 Sa 03:49 #

        Thx for this i favorited it already. Ill send it to ian now

      • Oktubre 19, 2013 Sa 03:50 #

        You got this

  6. Marso 19, 2012 Sa 09:01 #

    I love the idea of why you write and this I remember my teacher before…”Write not to impress but to express….More Power Basti! =) God Bless.

  7. arvin
    Marso 23, 2012 Sa 09:09 #

    wow! i love this blog.!

  8. Abril 30, 2012 Sa 07:11 #

    Thanks for all the comments peeps! I didn’t think I’d love this as much as I have. @Andres I think I’ll leave India till I happen to be there again. @Mark Couldn’t agree more! 😀 ingat din po!

  9. Mayo 1, 2012 Sa 13:05 #

    I love the photography in your blog. Very artsy and quite amazing. ❤ I would've definitely done the same when I would've gone to another country.

    Oh btw, on the lower left of the blogpage of the background image, Is that Michael Trevino?
    If thats you, than you defintely look a lot like him lol.

    Again cool blog. ❤

  10. jullian
    Mayo 8, 2012 Sa 07:23 #

    hope to see your paintings someday… 🙂

  11. Mayo 23, 2012 Sa 10:49 #

    come back to Manila na… Manila misses you na 🙂

  12. Secret admirer
    Mayo 25, 2012 Sa 21:25 #

    I crush on you so hard, but I’m half-sure you’ll never like another guy.

    • Mayo 26, 2012 Sa 09:41 #

      I’ve loved many a guy!—platonically. lol

      When it comes to gay rights, I haven’t made my thoughts much of a secret. I’ll defend, buddy. As I would for women’s’ rights and contraceptives, I support just about any lifestyle, long as you’re not killing people.

      • Secret admirer
        Mayo 26, 2012 Sa 15:41 #

        So you’re not shutting down all doors to getting yourself in a relationship with another guy? If question sounds uncomfortable, feel free to ignore. 🙂

  13. Franco
    Hunyo 4, 2012 Sa 05:08 #


    • Hunyo 7, 2012 Sa 01:36 #

      Have you ever eaten crickets?? They can be tasty! lol #experiencing china

      As for your question, get Vice Ganda to ask me the same question, and I promise you an answer.

      😛 Cheers to ppl that are different! I’ll sooner fight for your differences than worry about who thinks less of me.. 😉 Good vibes!

      • Secret admirer
        Hunyo 14, 2012 Sa 07:30 #

        Safe answers, eh? We’ll see.

  14. Hunyo 4, 2012 Sa 05:11 #


  15. Hunyo 7, 2012 Sa 01:12 #

    This is the only day I saw this blog. Indeed, very interesting. Hope to read more of you and see you very soon. Good luck on Voyage! All the best Man! Cheers! #proudpinoy

  16. Hunyo 7, 2012 Sa 02:23 #

    I like you a lot! +P I wish we can be real friends. =P I’ll keep looking out for more of your posts. I am also a writer and an artist myself. I wish I would have the opportunity to meet you in person =P

  17. jullian
    Hunyo 7, 2012 Sa 02:47 #

    haha nice new boarder layout… ikaw ba yan?

  18. Whoa
    Hunyo 13, 2012 Sa 21:16 #

    Sebastian, if you still happen to be single in 2015, I’ll come down without second thoughts and sweep you of your feet. 🙂

    • Whoa
      Hunyo 19, 2012 Sa 08:32 #


  19. Hunyo 26, 2012 Sa 07:11 #

    Hey Seb! thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂
    i was shocked to see your message! haha! 🙂

  20. Hulyo 17, 2012 Sa 05:28 #

    thanks for liking one recent post Sebastian. Salamat. follow-follow na lang po sa WP.

  21. Kathchie
    Agosto 21, 2012 Sa 19:20 #

    Ang cute ng iyong sense of humor! 🙂 Nice blog, btw! 🙂

  22. johann
    Setyembre 19, 2012 Sa 13:53 #

    Hi seb…this is actually my first time to see your blog and i really don’t know how to rate it coz i’m not into blogs so much…anyways, can you teach me or just give me tips on how to start making a blog? Tnx much in advance 🙂 BTW. I came to know ur twitter account through @krizzy_kalerqui…He/She’s a fan, a very avid fan…

  23. Oktubre 9, 2012 Sa 00:27 #

    I don’t know if I just missed out reading the detail on your blog but why is it “Pilipinokuno”?

  24. Ck
    Oktubre 14, 2012 Sa 02:20 #


  25. Disyembre 13, 2012 Sa 08:20 #

    ..what amazes me of you was the fact that you’re not Filipino yet you adore this country like you’d never seen yourself living and liking other places aside from Philippines. I am part-blooded Filipino and it’s really shameful to admit that you acted more of Filipino than me, seriously…ha.. I saw your artworks and I could say your doing good on ’em… as artist, myself, i have high respect to every artist in the world and it just pleases me and inspire me to see fellow artist striving to fulfill the inner art in themselves. So, i hope you continue inspiring many in the world the way you inspire me to go on with my crafts… Salamat..!

  26. vince
    Pebrero 6, 2013 Sa 14:41 #

    one thing is for sure. I love your blog. This is the coolest blog that I’ve seen by far. Anyway, crush kita because you are funny but I don’t think you’ll never like a same sex/guy 😦 🙂 More power to u.

  27. vince
    Pebrero 6, 2013 Sa 14:59 #

    anyway it’s ok if you’ll ignore me 🙂

  28. Pebrero 14, 2013 Sa 16:52 #

    So I randomly stumbled onto you Bubble video, and I must say– it’s probably the best video I’ve woken up to on Valentine’s day hahaha. It’s pretty awesome that you know how to speak Tagalog pretty well because coming from someone who was born there, I unfortunately lost that ability. 😦

    I also wanted to acknowledge how it’s pretty awesome that you’re so travelled/cultured for someone who’s 22/23ish. I’m turning 23 this year, and I’m totally jealous of your nomadic, free-spirited self– take me with you haha! Glad you’re following your dreams, and things are falling into place though!

    You should definitely stop by Austin, TX– you’ll have a place to stay for sure haha. Anyway, good luck with everything! 🙂

  29. Oni
    Pebrero 14, 2013 Sa 20:01 #

    How are you not a Filipino?

  30. Dave
    Pebrero 20, 2013 Sa 03:09 #

    I discovered in the midst of studying and trolling Facebook =}. I have yet to see your artwork but I will soon. I have to say you can be Filipino – heck, anyone can, as our culture has the capacity to adopt, adapt, mimic, and even improve on other cultures. You’re welcome to be Filipino. And be there – just there – for us. Keep it up =}

  31. Pebrero 20, 2013 Sa 14:57 #

    Naks. Sakto pala 1 year na yung blog mo nung nakabisita ko. Hehe. Happy Anniversary to your blog! :))

    God bless you always Seb! ^_^

  32. Pebrero 22, 2013 Sa 04:30 #

    Hi Sebby Keep Always Inspiring Every Gay Filipino I love you 🙂 Take Care always.

  33. nickcarlo16
    Pebrero 24, 2013 Sa 15:11 #

    Im always curious about you being an artist. but now that i see it there’s more in to you that that smirk and face you intellect catch me without hesitations. minahal kita dahil may kabuluhan kang tao. i really appretiate everything you say and tweet because it catches me more to become me who is gay. you say youll be with us and i personally will be your fan i think forever.

  34. Keith
    Pebrero 25, 2013 Sa 15:53 #

    Great masterpieces youve got there,very splendid!,Do you know how to do sculptures???,and do you sell them as well?because my friend told be about your paintings so I might probably buy it if it was on sale, as a gift for her,,wish I could do some paintings as well, but NOoooo -_- . Nice job,continue to what you do best, thats PASSION.!!!

  35. Smith Bermas
    Marso 2, 2013 Sa 10:44 #

    Hello Sebastsian!!! It was Our high-school night yesterday and I played Your “Bubble”. It was really a great party yesterday. OMG! I LOVE YOU and YOUR Blog. Yehey!!! ❤ Meron na akong matatambayan kapag mag-isa and Yes! Sebters for eternity ❤

  36. Jayron
    Marso 3, 2013 Sa 15:43 #

    Hi Seb, I hope everything is fine and fantastic with you nowadays especially with all the guestings, promotions, interviews etc Just dont forget to take a good care of your health, your Art and your Heart 🙂 Just keep it Real 🙂 God Bless 🙂

    • Marso 6, 2013 Sa 13:54 #

      Naww thx u 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Marso 7, 2013 Sa 17:36 #

        Been reading your updates on facebook and you sound a bit sad… just keep the smile ear to ear and your craziness alive 🙂

      • Mayo 11, 2013 Sa 13:21 #


  37. Grace M. Raguine
    Marso 4, 2013 Sa 12:10 #

    You’re so nice and down to earth, sebastian.. Eventhough,you’re not really a filipino, you’re proud to be one of us.. You’re so true and honest.. Just continue what you have been started and inspire everyone.. Be happy always.. Love yah!! 🙂

  38. Arnold Castro Silverio
    Marso 6, 2013 Sa 06:50 #

    how nice.., everything you’ve paint are so unique.., absolutely i’ll give my complement on those master piece, i’m amaze very much..

  39. elson elmo serrano
    Marso 7, 2013 Sa 01:41 #

    have even been to other places in the Philippines? because metro manila is the more modern part and most places south still have their cultures and traditions intact.

  40. Transfixed Traveler
    Marso 7, 2013 Sa 20:35 #

    I agree with Mr. Serrano on that point but steer clear for now of rebel hot spots in the deep south and in the mid east of the country. The deep south has problematic Islamic rebels while the mid east is the Communist stronghold. Caveat emptor.

    • rainn serrano
      Marso 8, 2013 Sa 08:52 #

      i agree, with the very very deep south, because im from mindanao. its just some, but most parts are safe.. but theirs still some other tourist spots available..haha.. its me i just change name

  41. Geri Mills
    Marso 8, 2013 Sa 03:21 #

    May I ask if you won’t mind, your current, how did you two meet? (generally speaking- fashion show/shoot, event) who asked for a date? cell number? I would understand if your not comfortable/ won’t be able to answer this one. Cheers, good vibes,

  42. Marso 11, 2013 Sa 17:37 #

    you ARE really awesome!!!! really awesome.,, AHAHAH

  43. abraham
    Marso 15, 2013 Sa 11:30 #

    nice blog sir…very interesting…

  44. Daniel
    Marso 28, 2013 Sa 13:39 #

    I’m very very much inspired by your work and your story!
    Be it in videos or this blog, you are always so honest and sincere!
    From Viet Nam.

  45. Bench Sarande
    Abril 8, 2013 Sa 02:39 #

    great blog you have! glad to know that you’re enjoying your stay here in Philippines. Staying away from home might be a great life change but worry less on adjusting to the new culture, Peruvians and Filipinos have the same ancestry. Almost all of us are Spanish descents. That would be a great advantage if you want to learn Filipino language since most of our words are derived from Spanish. Cheers! 🙂

  46. Darkrai
    Abril 10, 2013 Sa 03:19 #

    sumula ngayon, idol na kita!! ur amazing huh!!!!

  47. Peter
    Abril 27, 2013 Sa 08:34 #

    Seb, are you ok? I’ve watched your videos and I can’t help but think that you’re depressed. Maybe I’m wrong, and I hope I am. Remember bubbles float, joyously carried by the wind.

  48. Alem
    Abril 28, 2013 Sa 02:48 #

    You are an amazing guy, no need to tell you that. I believe that your art will rake in for you a great fortune. You have it IN you, so it won’t ever be gone. You will be more famous than you are now; but even if it eventually fades, as fame naturally does, you have a great person within you that will continue to live and live very well. I am not a fortune teller. I just somehow see it by feeling it.

  49. verper
    Abril 29, 2013 Sa 13:21 #

    Is this blog still active? 🙂

  50. msantos
    Mayo 12, 2013 Sa 12:28 #

    hi, Seb! just want to say hi. 🙂 I’m a big fan of yours. more power and GOD BLESS. Always remember that FIlipinos love you so much 🙂

  51. jacinth1215
    Hunyo 3, 2013 Sa 03:15 #

    I just discovered this site today and I really like it.. FOLLOWED

  52. Lester Pena
    Hunyo 20, 2013 Sa 12:35 #

    Hi, seb. I really like your bubble.. you did a great job, congrats and more power..

  53. Aaron Gonzales
    Agosto 29, 2013 Sa 18:26 #

    Hi Sebastian!
    Allow me to congratulate you on your elevating career. Well actually, my main point in this comment is that you inspire me so much that I just want to hug you. I hope you keep on bringing great insights on your blogs because so many people, specially in the gay community, admires you. More power and God bless!

    P.S. You’re so cute. ❤

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