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The “Which Asian Guy Is Right For Me?” Guide for Non-Asian Girls

Jessica Sanchez Begins First Album Under Tommy Mottola

Jessica Sanchez may not have won American Idol, but neither did Adam Lambert or Katherine McPhee. More than one runner up has made it above and beyond. It looks like Jessica’s is already taking off, as record producer Tommy Motola has expressed interest in her first album.

The Mexican-Filipina singer Thalia, whom also happens to be Tommy Motola’s wife, broke the news across Twitter. It seems every major headline nowadays debuts on twitter before anywhere else. 😉

Who is Tommy Mottola?

Tommy is primarily a music executive and record label producer. He is co-owner of Casablanca Records in a joint-venture with Universal Musical Group. He’s worked with a long list of big names, especially across South America–including Celine Dion, Destiny’s Child, Shakira, Gloria Estefan, the Dixie Chicks, Barbra Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel.

He’s credited with influencing the “Latin Explosion”  music genre. During this period, he produced albums under Sony for Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony.

Promoting Philippine Tourism

Long story short, it looks like Jessica Sanchez is in good hands. 😉

Kimmy Dora & The Temple of Kiyeme

Kimmy Dora Love is in the air! The long anticipated sequel has arrived TODAY in theaters nationwide!

5 Things To Expect

I promise not to spoil a thing. Here are just 5 more reasons you’re going to love watching Kimmy Dora. 😉

1) Look Out For A LOT of Celebrity Cameos

Including Slater Young, Kris Aquino, and Regine Velasquez


#SLAVINEKimmyDoraAndTheTempleofKiyeme is trending at the moment of publishing this blog. More trends to come.


These two actors and the famous Cosplayer joined the cast halfway through filming. As always, Alodia is dressed to impress:


Without any official press releases, many people are expecting big figures.


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Click on CHOS’ Link For Behind-The-Scenes Footage (Below In Tweet)

Best “Call Me Maybe” Covers of All Time

Carly Rae Jepsens’ Call me Maybe has become one of the most viral youtube vids of all time, already having passed the 100 million mark. Respective bow. 🙂 Now, here are some super popular, down-right funny, talented, and not-so-talented covers of Call Me Maybe.

I believe President Obama should naturally start us off. 😉

Call Me Maybe

Best Political Cover

Best Justin Bieber-esque Cover

Best Actual Justin Bieber Cover

Best Talented Cover (Note: He changes the melody’s pace so much; he makes it his own.)

Best PG-13 Rated Cover. Viewer Discretion Advised. 😉

Best Filipino Cover

OFFICIAL: Anne Curtis In Hollywood Film Titled “Blood Ransom”

Finally, it is official as it’s ever going to be! Anne Curtis landed a Hollywood film with the current working title, “Blood Ransom.” Production is in the works! The details, the fact vs fiction, and the hype are all below.

Quick Recap

On May 23, she announced her departure out the country and bid all Show Time viewers goodbye. With all the optimism in the world, she hinted good projects were in store!

Just two weeks ago, Ogie Diaz broke the news early. His tweets read:

Truth: 1 month mawawala sa bansa si Anne Curtis dahil naka-cast sya sa isang Hollywood film. Full length ang role…Truth: naghahanap ng isang Pinay ang isang sikat na Hollywood casting director at si Anne Curtis ang napili. Excited si Anne.

Twitter buzzed and Anne Curtis denied Ogie’s statement, saying, “Mali po kayo.” It turns out Ogie Diaz was correct on both fronts. So is Anne the liar? Anne, being Anne, had this to say.

Word!! 😉 More twitter buzz:

Facts VS Fiction

1) The first tweet Anne sent out to announce her film

2) These are the only images Anne has retweeted so far


3) The film is not a film adaptation of Sophie McKenzie’s novel of the same title. 

4) She is not the only Filipino(a) in the film. There is more. The official list of the entire cast is right here (Click for Link).

I am the happiest pickle in the world. Go Anne!

Note: This story just broke out less than an hour since Anne’s announcement. Details are still fresh. Come back for live updates! Comments below, peeps! 😉

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TV-5 & GMA Merger: Fact vs Fiction

A few hours ago, a report by seasoned columnist Ricky Lo of the Philippine Star supposedly ‘confimed’ the merging of GMA and TV5. Many questions followed.

At second glance, Rick Lo’s diction only suggests a ‘merge’ confirmation, if even that. The article was just a validation that TV5 is making a big leap in terms of capturing the lucrative OFW market–very much like ABS CBN’s TFC and GMA’s Pinoy TV. A celebrity tweet or two:

Plot Twist

But wait! There’s more. If we were watching a teleserye, may plot twist dito. As soon as the article went out a screen capture of MVP’s text denying such circulated on twitter.

MVP has hinted multiple times that he is open to the possibility of a merge. Might this back and forth banter be MVP’s way of testing the waters? Before investing P6Billion, might a businessman want to know how his market feels about the whole “shabang”?

MVP is no newbie to mergers. Not to long ago, he recently added SMART- SUN to an already lengthy list of mergers. Many might argue, mergers are what MVP does best.

David & Goliath

But, there is something unique about the holy union of TV5 and GMA, primarily the fact that Manny’s current player is smaller than the player he seeks to purchase. For the first time, David is taking on Goliath. Note: 9 times out of 10, the company purchasing the other is the bigger of the two, case-in-point Facebook and Instagram. The larger Facebook buys out the smaller Instagram all the time. But, MVP has the country wondering if the smaller TV5 has what it takes to buy out the larger GMA.

What are the merger’s repercussions? How would ABS-CBN respond? Who are you going to be watching? Who just gave you your own voting poll? Out of all those questions, I unfortunately only have an answer to the last one. Answer: Sebastian! 😉 And, he gave you your very own Comment box too! So, feel free to share why you’re Kapuso, Kapamilya, or Ka-puso^2.5?

Whose on Top?

TV is a lucrative business in the Philippines, one of the biggest. Challenging the status quo may be worth anyone’s while, well, anyone with P6 Billion lying around. If anyone could pull it off, it’s MVP.

At the end of the day, the top network requires a few simple things: innovative programming, great writers, long-lasting stars, and luck. Up to this day, ABS-CBN is arguably the best in all three conditions. But, TV5 has already demonstrated it’s willing to invest on every account. Doubters only need remember the price tag they paid for Derek Ramsey. Have an opinion? Share if you care!

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Tam Airlines Flat-Out Ignores Model Alex Hidalgo

Please read this one blog through, the same way you’d listen through all a troubled friend had to say. The more I talked to Alex, the closer to home everything kept sounding. Ultimately you can help out more than you think.

[Click  on the highlighted words for direct links to his TVC’s]

Many of you might sooner remember Alex’s face from any one of his many modeling campaigns–Smart’s Superhero TVC, Boracay Rum, C2 Green Tea, HSBC Bank, Whisper, or the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. I remember Alex, as “that dude” I would often practice my Spanish with while waiting at VTRs/castings,” more of a “hey what’s new in your life kinda” friend. Though he’s not Filipino-blooded much like I’m not myself, Alex rocked many Filipino modeling campaigns. No doubt, he’s a grateful guy. But after a year and a half of project/modeling gigs since he first left Costa Rica, he doesn’t have a lot to show for it.

Tam Airlines managed to lose all his luggage, and after an entire month of waiting on an unresponsive customer service, they’re only making him the smallest of concessions.

Interviews in Costa Rica

Tam Airlines “Reaction” to Alex

Alex departed Manila on April 21, 2012. He headed briefly for Brazil and afterward homebound for Costa Rica. Upon arriving home, he was told his luggage was mysteriously lost sometime in a Hong Kong connecting flight.

Since then, a month and a week have passed. Every passing day, he’s made phone calls to Tam Airlines, and he’s just not getting the response anyone would hope for.

The second I heard Alex’s story, it brought me back to an eerily familiar story of my own. It may not be the most shared experience in the world, but there is a lot one can lose in a luggage. And, Tam Airlines has made a reputation of it. If you google those three words “Tam-Airlines-Reputation”, the first most-frequented site you see gives 2 of 5 stars to Tam’s Customers’ Service.

Luggages before they were stolen

Lets Get Alex Trending

Admittedly, Alex Hidalgo is not Pinoy, neither am I, nor this blog. After all, I titled it “Pilipino Kuno”, di ba? 😉

All the same, this one Costa Rican has basically made PH a home and has lately lost about all he gained from his time in the Philippines. He’s frustrated, unable to get Tam Airlines to budge, and exhausted from having tried. He’s lost a year and a half worth of contents in his life and a scary fraction of his finances.

So, why not trend Alex? Help out that guy you remember from that one TVC/billboard. Or, help out someone’s friend. Might as well try. Just give it everything you got! Give him all of at least three tweets. What to say and when to do it is sitting below.

Anyone tempted to make a twitter shout out now? You’ll make Alex heard most if what you say is #MakeTamAirlinesHelpAlex and you say it on Friday @ 6pm. Deal? 😉

Trend:   #MakeTamAirlinesHelpAlex

Time:     Friday, June 1st @ 6pm (Manila Time)

Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban’s Every Breath U Take earns P42.82 million in 2 weeks


Star Cinema’s romantic comedy film Every Breath U Take top-billed by Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban grossed P42.82 million pesos after two weeks at the tills.

The film helmed by Mae Czarina Cruz, released domestically on May 16, was Graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board and rated PG-13 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.

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Angeline Quinto Trends Worldwide & Every Direction

Between trending Worldwide on Twitter yesterday and the release of her much-anticipated film just today, Angeline Quinto has been a-buzzing.

Trending World Wide

Angeline Quinto, alongside Jed Madela, Christian Bautista and Juris Fernandez sang multiple televised songs that Jessica Sanchez had performed on “Idol. This ASAP’s 2012 Variety Show was a tribute to Jessica Sanchez, who of course made it as far as Top 2 of “American Idol’s recently concluded season.

There’s no doubt, Angeline Quinto shares the “Jay team” fandom. Though, some posed doubts on her performance. ABS-CBN themselves, published their own article on Angeline Quinto with the given title, “Angeline gets mixed reviews for ‘And I Am Telling You.” Starmometer seemed to echo the confusion most people shared,

Angeline’s rendition was “all over the place.” We expect her to kill it, knowing her vocal prowess and all, but instead she “murdered” the song. Is it a case of lack of rehearsal?

Whatever the reason for a lackluster performance, Angeline Quinto wouldn’t have much to worry about. When it comes to vocals, Angeline Quinto still carries some of the highest regarded in the country. Angeline Quinto Tweets-of-The-Moment:

Angeline’s Film “Born To Love You” Opens Today

Just today, May 30, 2012, Star Magic Entertainment’s Born To Love You (2012) is released across theaters nationwide.

The Coco-Angeline match-up makes for an interesting combination, especially if you believe “opposites attract.” While this maybe the first on-screen appearance of Angeline on this level, Coco Martin has over 20 indie films to his credit. Some say the two practically balance for each other–one is all singing prowess; the other all acting. Opposites attract, much?

Watch “Born To Love You” just opened in theaters across the country today, May 30, 2012!

Former thank-you-girl Stephany Stefanowitz wins Miss Philippines Earth 2012


Twenty-two-year-old fashion model Stephany Dianne D. Stefanowitz representing Quezon City won Miss Philippines Earth 2012. The 5’10” beauty bested 46 other delegates in the annual pageant held May 27 at the SM Mall of Asia Centerstage. Stephany was a candidate in the same beauty contest in 2010 when she walked home empty handed.

Other winners are: Miss Air – (Tabuc City) Glennifer Perido: Miss Water – (San Juan City) Sam Purvor; Miss Fire – (Puerto Princesa) Thoreen Halvorsen: and Miss Eco Tourism – Candice Ramos from Vigan City.

Winners’ photo courtesy of Karla Henry. And here’s Stephany’s winning figure:

See Stephany in motion:

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