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Kimmy Dora & The Temple of Kiyeme

Kimmy Dora Love is in the air! The long anticipated sequel has arrived TODAY in theaters nationwide!

5 Things To Expect

I promise not to spoil a thing. Here are just 5 more reasons you’re going to love watching Kimmy Dora. 😉

1) Look Out For A LOT of Celebrity Cameos

Including Slater Young, Kris Aquino, and Regine Velasquez


#SLAVINEKimmyDoraAndTheTempleofKiyeme is trending at the moment of publishing this blog. More trends to come.


These two actors and the famous Cosplayer joined the cast halfway through filming. As always, Alodia is dressed to impress:


Without any official press releases, many people are expecting big figures.


Click Here To Read About When I Met The Great Ms Eugene Domingo

Click on CHOS’ Link For Behind-The-Scenes Footage (Below In Tweet)

Viddy: The Future of Social Media is Video

Being the fan of social media I am, I love to share my social media predictions. Off all the up-coming applications/social media companies that are sprouting up, I believe Viddy has got it going on!

What’s Viddy?

A video Apple Application, capturing only 15 seconds of video for immediate file sharing on Twitter/FB.

Viddy has been dubbed the instagram of video. On one hand, that’s a fitting title; Viddy is after all an apple application with the same basic principles that made Instagram so popular. On the other hand, Viddy may very well be the new Video of twitter. Like both Instagram and Twitter, Viddy is all about limiting you. Instagram has its one picture-at-a-time limit. Twitter has you at 140 characters. Now, Viddy cuts you off with 15-seconds of Video AND AUDIO.

Why does Sebastian think Viddy is more a future Twitter than an Instagram?–because what a person can tweet in 140 characters, he can say out loud and show in 15 seconds.

Why Viddy Will Kick Some Social Media Butt?

Facebook was a revolution for it’s time. The concept of connecting with the people you know online was “new” not so long ago. But now that we’re more connected than ever, our “information age” might be better dubbed “age information overload.” There is nothing any longer fascinating about the every detail of your every friends’ life. Most people want to see the cutest photos of their friend’s wedding without the three hours it takes to browse through the  three hundred photos he uploaded on Facebook. This of course is the beauty of twitter, instagram, and soon Viddy–it cuts people off; while still leaving people wanting more.

Limiting someone’s words to 140 characters may not turn everything that person has to say into rock solid gold, but it sure does make it easier digesting all the information out there.

Viddy’s got some firework potential! It’s twitter-esque! It’s brand-spanking new! And, a very few celebrities are starting to jump on board. Check it owt !! 😉

Best “Call Me Maybe” Covers of All Time

Carly Rae Jepsens’ Call me Maybe has become one of the most viral youtube vids of all time, already having passed the 100 million mark. Respective bow. 🙂 Now, here are some super popular, down-right funny, talented, and not-so-talented covers of Call Me Maybe.

I believe President Obama should naturally start us off. 😉

Call Me Maybe

Best Political Cover

Best Justin Bieber-esque Cover

Best Actual Justin Bieber Cover

Best Talented Cover (Note: He changes the melody’s pace so much; he makes it his own.)

Best PG-13 Rated Cover. Viewer Discretion Advised. 😉

Best Filipino Cover

The Undiscovered Artists of Youtube

Just about every one can name a youtube sensation. Every time someone  hits a few million on youtube, you hear it. But for every one you hear of, there’s a million others you don’t.

Today I give you 9. Every single one of them has written an original song; what you’re hearing is theirs! Think about how much harder that is compared to singing a cover song. Talent! These you tubers sang their heart out and found a following in the thousands. Maybe, you’ll help get them to the millions! 😉

So here are a few people you’ve never heard of. They’re not yet jaded by fame. When you shout them some love on their Youtube channel, they hear you.

And I hear what you say, so, leave comments below! 🙂

I saved the craziest for last! 😉

Lately, I’ve begun writing a song, a very special song. I feel for every single one of these artists. It’s one thing to make a cover to an already popular hit. But writing something from scratch, that is a whole different animal.

Comments Below!! Who do you love. Want to suggest a Youtubers for the list?

Obama = Celebrity Endorsements

Barack Obama has always been honest about his “hope” for celebrity endorsements. As early as January, the list of his hopeful celebrity endorsements was “leaked.” Though, more than one news source speculated even that was a calculated maneuver. The list targeted Hollywood stars, professional athletes and Washington power players, all totaling 194 names 7 pages-long.

I don’t have much respect for celebrity endorsements for politicians. It’s an unfortunate play on democracy. (Read More About Celebrity Endorsement in The Philippines Here). When a celebrity sells a politician to you, keep a few things in mind.

The Obama-Hollywood Celebrity Endorsement Rundown

Clooney and Obama Press Conference

Last month, George Clooney hosted a celebrity-packed fundraiser for Obama. Between  $40,000 tickets and a raffle open to the public, over $15 million was raised. Numerous celebrities attended the fundraiser, including Robert Downey, Jr. and Billy Crystal.

As of lately, Obama’s shifted his attention to women. He’s sought the attention of Sex & The City star-Sarah Jessica Parker and the editor of Vogue herself, Anna Wintours. It’s hard to ignore this unlikely team-up. It seems Obama’s tapping into the world of forward-thinking woman and the fashion world, all in one SJP “dinner party.”

All things considered, neither of these two seems to be selling Obama too pointedly, which is good. Then again, they don’t look like they’re about to start up a worthwhile conversation, either. SJP comes across more on the selling side. I personally prefer Anna Wintour’s approach. Rather than sell, she barks out a “you tell me why you like the guy.” Then again, maybe, that’s just the fashion queen’s personality.

What do you think about these two? What do you think of Philippine celebrity endorsements? Comments Below peeps!

Everything You Know Just Became A Keyboard

Imagine having your cat, banana, or randomness used as a computer keyboard. That is the concept behind the Makey Makey trend of two MIT students.

I’m not going to lie. There is something infinitely cool about watching someone make music out of a banana! In the spirit of thinking outside the box–the same notion these MIT students seem to be pushing—what more potential does Makey Makey have, other than making these two MIT students very rich?

I came to thinking of the same group twitter user @palmhalmi had in mind:

The possiblities are endless, especially for anyone with major physical challenges. MaKey MaKey: youtu.be/rfQqh7iCcOU via@YouTube

Youtube sensation singers like Amanda Palmer and several online platforms/blogs are already jumping on board. Check out some tweetsters!

“Makey Makey” has definitely made some international twitter buzz. Click here to see more of the top “Makey Makey” Tweets buzzing around. You’ll notice a random large population of Japanese tweetsters going “Makey Makey.” That doesn’t necessarily surprise me as much as the fact they didn’t invent the thing. It seems Americans got something right. 😉

Disclaimer: I don’t have the slightest clue what the Japanese tweet above says. If I just tweeted something completely whack, my bad.  Just ignore. Go Makey-Makey!

Comments? Suggestions? Hallucinations? Leave anything you want below! 

Angeline Quinto Trends Worldwide & Every Direction

Between trending Worldwide on Twitter yesterday and the release of her much-anticipated film just today, Angeline Quinto has been a-buzzing.

Trending World Wide

Angeline Quinto, alongside Jed Madela, Christian Bautista and Juris Fernandez sang multiple televised songs that Jessica Sanchez had performed on “Idol. This ASAP’s 2012 Variety Show was a tribute to Jessica Sanchez, who of course made it as far as Top 2 of “American Idol’s recently concluded season.

There’s no doubt, Angeline Quinto shares the “Jay team” fandom. Though, some posed doubts on her performance. ABS-CBN themselves, published their own article on Angeline Quinto with the given title, “Angeline gets mixed reviews for ‘And I Am Telling You.” Starmometer seemed to echo the confusion most people shared,

Angeline’s rendition was “all over the place.” We expect her to kill it, knowing her vocal prowess and all, but instead she “murdered” the song. Is it a case of lack of rehearsal?

Whatever the reason for a lackluster performance, Angeline Quinto wouldn’t have much to worry about. When it comes to vocals, Angeline Quinto still carries some of the highest regarded in the country. Angeline Quinto Tweets-of-The-Moment:

Angeline’s Film “Born To Love You” Opens Today

Just today, May 30, 2012, Star Magic Entertainment’s Born To Love You (2012) is released across theaters nationwide.

The Coco-Angeline match-up makes for an interesting combination, especially if you believe “opposites attract.” While this maybe the first on-screen appearance of Angeline on this level, Coco Martin has over 20 indie films to his credit. Some say the two practically balance for each other–one is all singing prowess; the other all acting. Opposites attract, much?

Watch “Born To Love You” just opened in theaters across the country today, May 30, 2012!

Jessica Sanchez’ Number One Fan Goes Youtube Viral

Many of us may have mourned the loss of Jessica Sanchez on American Idol’s last season, but few us may be able to compete with Laney, one down-right distraught little child.

It turns out Laney, possibly Jessica Sanchez’ biggest fan of all time, had a breakdown and an American mom that couldn’t help but videotape the entire thing. Cute stuff.

Day 2 = +600,000 Hits!

Day 3 = +1.3 Million Hits!

Youtube sensation, much?

Little Laney has already caught the twitter eyes of Youtube’s Official account, Philippine Anchorman Julius Babao, and of other Pinoy  Celebs/Personalities you may know, all of whom are of course hardcore Jay Team.

Mara Clara Reaction: How It Affects My Sister

This wouldn’t be the first time a little girl cried her eyes over the TV. One little Filipina had a similar story, with similar results—a  super viral vid.

The magic of film!

Comments! Cute? Crazy? Have you seen anyone else in the blogosphere with more fandom than Laney? How would you have kept your little sister from hyper-ventilating to death? 

“Call Me Maybe”: The Philippine Version Goes Viral

When Philippine Tourism launched the logo “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”, they didn’t lie!

Some of the country’s star-studded A-listers decide they’d get jiggy to the international hit “Call Me Maybe”, originally by Carly Rae Jepson. And, the vid is going..  going.. gone viral!

Day 1 = +100,000 hits. Kudos!

Day 2=  +400,000 hits Chika-chika Wah! wAh!

This has to be what I love most about Philippine culture. Plain and simple, Filipinos know how to smile.

[Click For More of Their Individual Cray-Z]


[Just Updated on Friday, May 25, 2012]

My Big Announcement is …

In a nut shell: I have not just been making art for The Voyage (2012), I am acting in it as well.

For months, I led just about everyone in my life to believe I was only producing art for the film. Nope. I was not flown around the world just to paint. For once in my life, my wild travels actually had a purpose. And, that purpose is my first movie role.

This was a hell of an experience! All-around memorable. Humbling. I am very proud to have contributed my small piece to this film.

My Role

The Voyage (2012) is really four stories in one. Of those four, the story of Leni Speidel and I centers on a love affair gone wrong, so wrong I eventually kill myself.

But, I’m going to cut myself short. I have to save some good stuff for later. After all, you have to wait several months before even getting to the trailer, di ba? Our first press release: 

Question: Am I an Artist or an Actor?

I have always introduced myself as an artist, and I always will. Why?

I don’t think I would have gotten away with half the shizz I have in life, were I not calling myself an artist. You can just about get away with anything. Think of all the possibilities, all those questions you can now answer. Did Sebastian really just eat that? Is he on something? Is the guy skinny-dipping?! Why does he look like that? Oh my Gulay?!? Look at how much easier the conversation suddenly looks!

“Are you sure Sebastian isn’t completely baliw? ”

“Hindi! He’s just an artist. Ganyan na lang sya.”

“Oh. (Pause)  Sige- sige.”

So now that you know I’m trying to justify my lack of sanity, it’s extra important you remember your line. “Oh, he’s just an artist. Wag kang mag-alala.” Wink-wink. 😉

Answer: I’m An Artist & Performing Artist Maybe

I did not wake up yesterday and decide to become an actor. That would be nice. I’ve spent most of my waking life training to become the most universal performer humanly possible. Training to sing, dance, and act wasn’t enough. I have that language learning obsession as well. You see, I have the crazy idea of taking on acting roles in different languages. I can’t think of anything more absolutely challenging than convincing audiences on the opposite side of the world I could pass for a local. I love the idea so much I’m willing to invest years of my life to make it happen. Dear Philippines, sa tingin nyo kaya ko kaya? Kung alam nyo lang, most aspiring actors can be found wading tables all over Hollywood. Totoo yun.

Instead I’ve been at one casting after another, one audition after another, all in more than half a dozen different cities, different film markets, completely different countries, all over the course of years. I don’t plan on stopping now. I’ll forever be a kid with a crayon chasing his dreams. You’re always welcome to watch, point, and laugh! 😉

I asked what you thought I should call you. Because I love you, I decided you should decide. And your answer was: Sebsters !!

Thank you for having my back. You always have my love.

A Few Camera-Stills For Now

It’s not every day I get to swim in a fountain, fall in love, and kill myself–and in Hanover, Germany no less. Enjoy the snapshots! 😉 More to come, as always.

Resting in-between takes

I die. Eventually.

Green screen shots before their composite

I’m trying to follow directions. Looks funny doesn’t it?

This thing hurt like so many potty-mouth words my mom told me never to use.

Leni Speidel

The Artist. Me.

Laughter on set.


He’s fixing that tie I don’t have on.

Brr-rr-rr! It’s cold!

After shooting my very last shot of the day, I finally get out of the wires. Can you tell how happy I am?