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28 mga puna sa “Portfolio”

  1. Pebrero 21, 2012 Sa 02:15 #

    Wow now I just realized, you are more than just a beautiful face, but also with great talents.

  2. Abril 13, 2012 Sa 07:10 #

    You did those?

  3. Mayo 1, 2012 Sa 13:07 #

    I love these. You’re extremely talented. ๐Ÿ˜€ Keep it up, looking forward to see more.

  4. AL
    Hunyo 17, 2012 Sa 17:06 #

    you’re such a great artist. i admire the portrait of that little girl, and that old lady smiling and clapping. i’d love to see more ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. brent
    Hunyo 24, 2012 Sa 04:21 #

    u made dis ol???? wow amazing portfolio…

  6. carlo
    Hulyo 4, 2012 Sa 05:01 #

    so nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. kim
    Hulyo 17, 2012 Sa 03:16 #


  8. Alpha
    Oktubre 3, 2012 Sa 00:22 #

    Are these for sale? Porfolio 1 and 7 are especially brilliant!

  9. jarnbrian
    Pebrero 20, 2013 Sa 03:24 #

    superb artist ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Pebrero 22, 2013 Sa 23:12 #

    i like pilipino man made

  11. Marso 1, 2013 Sa 09:23 #

    Your works are amazing!!!!!

  12. Smith Bermas
    Marso 2, 2013 Sa 10:56 #

    I LOVE IT โค You and Allison Harvard โค Gosh!!! I'm so obsessed with You Sebastian โค

  13. jham
    Marso 4, 2013 Sa 10:52 #

    Nice…..thankz for loving pilipino culture

  14. bert
    Marso 5, 2013 Sa 23:17 #

    great work of art..thumbs up… hope to see more of your portfolios… keep doing what your doing.. you are already and inspiration to many…

  15. JBPL
    Marso 15, 2013 Sa 15:39 #

    Damn! This guy can ramp, sing, dance, write songs, act and now draw!! I really envy you now, Seb. Should I now call myself a Sebster? Haha! But I really wish I have the same guts you have to come out of the closet. *sigh.. Btw, now that you’re getting famous, please stay humble Seb, keep your feet on the ground. Bawal magka-Hydrocephallus! Hehe. God bless!

  16. Jaspher
    Marso 30, 2013 Sa 10:18 #

    are these all your paintings?

  17. Alem
    Abril 28, 2013 Sa 02:53 #

    I want to own one of your paintings one day.

  18. Cgrey
    Mayo 3, 2013 Sa 01:40 #

    I like the 2nd painting on the first row. How much for it?

  19. omonomnomnom
    Mayo 13, 2013 Sa 03:28 #

    nice pastel works!

  20. Daniel layante
    Mayo 15, 2013 Sa 04:08 #

    An ispiration! Thanks seb!

  21. Paul Bradley
    Mayo 27, 2013 Sa 15:28 #

    I hope you’ll tell us sometime more about your approach to your art, maybe in a blog entry or a Vblog video. For example, how do you approach creating a portrait? What do you try to achieve in a portrait that a photographer cannot or might not be able to? Good creations work on multiple levels. In a different medium, your Bubbles video, for example, the best part is when the two guys assure themselves that they’re straight: it’s funny (because it’s ludicrous), sad (because it’s self-homophobic), and incisive (great social observation). It works on a lot of levels; it has depth. Thank you for sharing your work, and I wish you much continued success professionally and in your personal life as well. (Have you thought of doing an “It Gets Better” video for gay people everywhere? You’ve survived some tough times, and the gay teen suicide rate is too way, way too high. You’d be a great source of inspiration.)

    • Hunyo 10, 2013 Sa 09:52 #

      i appreciate this comment.. i didnt expect my coming out vid to get 200k hits.. you re right ill make an it gets better vid soon enough.. as for how i approach my art, maybe after my first exhibit.. thx for your comment bud

      • Paul Bradley
        Hunyo 10, 2013 Sa 15:12 #

        It’s great that you’re planning an exhibition. From talking with a friend in Makati (he works with clay, has had exhibitions, and has sold some works), the art scene in Manila is kind of stuffy and hidebound, aimed at the high-society crowd and fairly closeted among the artists. It’s not exactly SoHo. (Like you, I’m from the NY suburbs, Jersey in my case.)
        With your talent and notoriety, you have the ability to start opening up the art scene and making gay artists feel comfortable in coming out there. (I live in Bangkok now.) Combining your artistry with a social consciousness that you appear to have can create a rewarding and fulfilling life. While growing up gay in the US is hardly a walk in the park, the depth and breadth of resources there for GLBT people can only be dreamt of in this part of the world. You can help a lot of people for as long as you wish to live here. (You’re already doing that!)
        From the small world department: I’m the co-owner of the company that produces “Pink Mango TV,” whose Thai-language video clip about your music video you have uploaded onto your YouTube channel. If you ever decide to visit here, let us know and perhaps we can get you some free publicity. (If you refer to the video clip, the host on the left speaks fluent English; he has a Master’s in Media Studies from New School University: small world indeed!) We gay people have to stick together, per Bubble Rule #2. Take care, Paul

  22. jacinth1215
    Hunyo 3, 2013 Sa 03:17 #

    Wow,.. Amazin pastel Works.. Maturuan mo naman ako oh. hahaha

  23. sora
    Hunyo 29, 2013 Sa 14:14 #

    an artist?interesting..do you have deviantart account?

  24. chrestler malibiran
    Hulyo 14, 2013 Sa 02:32 #

    Seb is a good art creator thats why i made his art as my phone’s wallpaper yesterday, i really like seb eversince, sana mapaint mo din aq ng nude…

  25. Julian
    Setyembre 4, 2013 Sa 03:56 #

    Wow you have more than everyone thought. you amaze me.

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